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We hope that you find this site both easy to navigate and a useful resource. If you are having any problems, or wonder if there's a quicker / faster way of gaining the information you seek , please click on a topic below.

Quick Tips

Looking Around ... at a leisurely pace

Jumping around...across Town / Villages in a second !

Shop Information ...where's what?

Shop Information ...colour coding

Shop Web Sites ...visiting shops sites

Entering a shop

Top Surfing Tips

Orientation...where's North again ?

Street Layout... how real is it ?

Photography issues...why it looks this way

More questions? can contact us here

Quick Tips

  • Use the MAP   or VIRTUAL TAXI always displayed at the top, to navigate.

  • To find a specific type of business, use Click to search A-Z FIND , always on top

  • Use your BACK button to retrace your steps, top left of Browser

  • Click road signs  CLICK TO MOVE IN THIS DIRECTIONto follow them

  • Photographs load quicker on your subsequent visits


Looking around

If you are out for a browse to see what's on offer within Huddersfield Town Centre or the Local Villages, simply click any street or area on the map. Then use your mouse or  

  arrow keys on your keyboard to move along the street. To cross over the street look for a crossing point. At the end of each street there is a link to the next street(s). If you get lost, click on the Map  You can also use your BACK BUTTON (top left), to retrace your steps.


Jumping around

To move from one street to another, round the corner or right across town you have 3 choices

1/ Click on the Map which will take you to one side of your chosen street.

2/ Click on the Virtual Taxi  look through the ALPHABETICAL list of streets and chose which side of the street you wish to view.

3/ Click on AERIAL, always at the top for various clickable views.

You can also use your BACK BUTTON (top left), to retrace your steps.


Shop information

Each street level business has a photograph. This may be of the whole business frontage, or the main area and signage. We try and take the most recognisable angle and perspective, whilst keeping all photographs "square". Above each business is the street and number in a colour coded box. The colours denote the type of business for quick searching i.e. RED for Food & Drink. 

Business Key
Estate Agent
Food & Drink
For the Home
Health & Beauty
Sound & Vision
Travel Agents


In addition all businesses have their name, main business type and telephone number displayed.

Shop Web Sites

In addition to the basic information provided for all businesses many have their own web-sites. Wherever possible we have given these addresses and you can visit them by clicking with your mouse. To return to Virtual Huddersfield use your BACK BUTTON (top left) or close the window if open.

Entering a shop

Some shops allow you to enter them. The phone number is replaced by the hyperlink "CLICK TO COME INSIDE". This allows the owners to give you much more information as to their services, special offers, staff and internal views. There may also be a link to their own web-site.


Top Surfing Tips

To fill your screen with any web-site press F11, press again to return.

Press Ctrl(bottom left on keyboard) and D simultaneously to add a page to your favourites

Click Edit (top left on screen) and then Find, to search for a word on the open page

Orientation-where's North ?

Most people are used to seeing Huddersfield, as our map is drawn, with the Bus Station at the top. This is probably because the ground slopes down from here. This means that North is actually to the right (Open Market & Tesco), and South is to the left (University).

Thus streets that run, more or less, from North to South, have the shops on the West or East sides.

All streets are represented as if you were standing facing them. If you "cross-over" it is the equivalent of spinning around  180 !


Street Layout

In most cases shops and businesses are positioned exactly as in they are in reality. However some corner premises have entrances and windows on 2 streets. We usually take the postal address as our guide, but not always, so look around the corner if you think a shop is missing. Some, highly recognisable buildings may appear in 2 adjoining streets to help your orientation.

Photography Issues

The internet is wonderful, we can display hundreds of colour photographs to anyone in the world, at anytime for FREE. And we can change and update them a lot easier than if they were printed. But there are some constraints. Firstly as shop frontages vary so much in size we must try and standardise views. Otherwise some streets would be dominated by big Banks, with the interesting shops dwarfed. So we may not show all of a particular businesses frontage, and we may show some of someone elses -usually the first-floor.


Quality is also an issue. You need pictures which will load quickly on to your screen, to achieve this the original quality is reduced. Hopefully you still get all the information you need but without reading the credit-card stickers.

Once you have viewed a street the images will be stored in your computers "cache", so on your next visit, they will load much quicker

Need to ask us a question

If you are experiencing any problems not dealt with here. Or if you want to tell us about any errors or omissions.

Please click here for a feedback form



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